I love you guys! Sorry I keep emailing so late, we just went to a
Tacoma Rainier’s Baseball game with the zone and the Blatter’s. SOOO
much fun! We had another fun week. Not a ton of progression with our
investigators but some way fun stories. I love being in Tacoma.

We had lots of exchanges this week and I got to go back to Belfair
with the greatest sister ever Sister Kramer. We had a way fun time and
pretty much knocked and talked all day. We were going to turn around
and got our car stuck in a hidden ditch and almost had to get towed
out… Haha! Luckily 2 way strong guys came walking by so they helped
lift our car out. It was pretty funny. Our next exchange was with the
Lincoln Sisters and I got to spend another day with my MTC comp Sister
Smith. We always have a good time together. I love all the amazing
friends you gain from a mission.

I think the coolest miracle of the week was meeting a sweet lady named
Mary. She was in the parking lot while we were out street contacting
and we stopped to talk to her. She said she wan’t interested but that
her sister would like to have us stop by. So we went over that night
and her sister wasn’t home but Mary answered the door. We ended up
having a really good conversation with Mary and learned a lot about
her life. She has been in a wheel chair for the past 10 years and is
going through even more medical challenges recently. We shared 3 Nephi
17 with her and by the end she was in tears and was so happy to invite
us back so she could learn more. She has met with missionaries before
so we are praying this is her time. Sadly she is moving out of our
area on Wednesday so we have to pass her over to the Elders but it was
still a very cool experience. There have just been countless
experiences in the last few weeks where we have been able to bear our
testimonies and be there to lift people up in such hard times. We
haven’t seen a lot of people progress towards baptism in the last few
weeks but I know we have been exactly where Heavenly Father needed us
to be and because of that I know we have been successful. (We
definitely are going to baptize this transfer though… Not ever
losing the faith!) πŸ™‚
LOVE YOU GUYS!! Have a great last week in school! PS the US Open is
coming to University Place this month and it is going to be way fun!
Watch for us on TV cause the cameras are every where! It’s gonna be
HUGE!!! Love you guys!!!
Sister Horgesheimer πŸ™‚

IMG_4018 IMG_4020 IMG_4022 IMG_3993

1. Knocking or hiking? Same thing! πŸ™‚ Haha this is Belfair and I love it!
2. Haha… Car Stuck
3.Sister Kramer
4.Sister Humphrys and Smith