It has been another great, crazy busy week. The weeks are flying by so
fast. We had people from the MTC come up and give us lots of training
and so that took our entire Thursday but it was such a blessing to be
there and be able to learn so much. Then on Friday we went and had
another MLC/training at Zion’s Camp. We are taking the whole mission
there this week so all the Zone Leaders and STL’s go to go run through
all the training first and it was so much fun!

The rest of the week was full of another great week of teaching and
knocking doors. So super long story short, our miracle from last week
Bryan, ya passed him over to the YSA missionaries. It was definitely
for the better. Haha I’ll explain later. 🙂 We met a less active
member knocking a few weeks ago and invited her to church. She
actually came to church yesterday and brought her 2 boys who haven’t
been baptized and after the meeting she came up and asked us how soon
she could get her two boys baptized? So cool how this miracle just
fell right into our laps. We taught them the 1st lesson this week and
are hoping to get them baptized the end of June.

Everything we do as missionaries has to be 100% led by the spirit or nothing will happen. We were able to be apart of the coolest
lesson yesterday after church that I haven’t been able to stop
thinking about ever since. We found another guy named Jeremy this week
and yesterday were able to teach him and his girlfriend Kenyatta the
Restoration. As we were quoting the first vision in Joseph Smith’s
words you could physically see how strongly the spirit was working on
him. Right after we finished saying those words he just sat there in
silence and finally said, “WOW I haven’t ever felt a feeling so sure
in my life. This is real, I know this is real.” He started to get
emotional as he explained how he was able to see the hand of the Lord
in his life while he was fighting in Iraq and how the spirit confirmed
those feelings and how when we said those words he felt the exact same
thing. I have never seen someone so physically touched by the spirit
in my entire mission. The spirit is so real and when hearts are opened
I know it works! It was amazing to see and I wish you could have all
been there because writing it doesn’t do this miracle any justice.
Haha. I love you all so very much! Seriously watch for me on TV this
week! Haha University Place is already going nuts with the US Open and
it doesn’t even start until Thursday! Haha 🙂 So fun being here right
next to the golf course during this time! Have a great week! 🙂
Love Sister Horgesheimer

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Pictures from the mission blog– These were from Mothers Day surprising Sister Blatter