This week has been amazing! I still feel like I’m dreaming. It is
just so unreal to be back in Port Angeles right now and I am loving
every second of it so far. The only word that I’ve had on my mind this
week is grateful. I love this beautiful place and feel so blessed to
use the things I’ve learned throughout my entire mission in the area I
love so much! I can’t think of any better way to end the best 18
months of my life. Sister Flanigan is great! She is from Philadelphia
Pennsylvania and is such a good missionary. She goes home 6 weeks
after I do so everyone in the ward has been bringing up home a lot…
Haha! We haven’t stopped working since we became companions and I am
so thankful for a companion who is so focused and always ready to

So I’m serving on the west side of PA now and it is so hard not being
able to cross the border to the east side to go visit all the people
that I love and that I was working with about 7 months ago but I am
learning to love the west side too. Church yesterday was awesome
because I saw all my favorite members from my old ward and it was so
much fun talking and catching up with them. They all thought I was
back up visiting until they noticed I was still wearing my name tag.
Haha it was funny!

We have been working with some great part member families this week.
This ward is known for all the success from part member families. The
Elders in this ward baptized like 10 unbaptized children last year I
think, so we are hoping to keep that success going. Other than that
just a lot of knocking. Sister Flanigan and I have set a goal to use
any extra time to knock doors in hopes that by the end of these six
weeks we will be so sick of knocking and therefore be able to adjust
easier to not knocking doors when we go home…:) Haha Idk we’ll see.
We met an awesome couple on Saturday night while knocking and were
able to go teach them last night. They are hilarious. They are both in
their 70’s and neither of them have any teeth left haha. Probably the
strangest lesson I’ve ever taught because they kept bringing up the
funniest things but the spirit was totally there and they are excited
to keep learning. The husband Michael just found out he has Glaucoma
and they just took his drivers license away and he was pretty upset
about it but we were able to relate very well so it was all good. 🙂
I’ll get a picture with them next week but they are seriously our new
best friends.

This week at transfer meeting we lost so many great elders who have
forever changed the Wa-Tac and listening to their final testimonies
was so hard as I sat their realizing that it was going to be me up
there next time. I am so thankful for the time I have left to give my
whole heart to the Lord for these last few weeks. One of the elders
talked about how the only thing that has made his last transfer easier
is that he kept reminding himself that this is not the end but it’s
just another step we all have to make in our lives. Our mission truly
never ends. This work will always continue until the Savior returns. I
am so thankful for this new focus and that I still have my entire life
ahead of my to continue to serve the Lord as his disciple. Have
another great week everyone and Happy 4th of July! I love you all! 🙂
Love Sister Horgesheimer