“We do not preach and teach in order to bring people into the church
or to increase the membership of the church. We do not preach and
teach just to persuade people to live better lives… We invite all to
come unto Christ by repentance, baptism and confirmation in order to
open the doors of the celestial kingdom to the sons and daughters of
God.” (PMG. Pg 9) This has truly been the theme of this incredible
week! I know this work is so much more then just knocking on doors or
trying to talk to everyone. This work has such eternal significance
that it is hard for us to fully comprehend. Wow I’ve been on my
mission for exactly 18 months next week and it has taken me this long
to figure out the secret of missionary work. We have been encouraged
so much recently from President Blatter, and church headquarters to be
more bold in our baptismal invites so we have been keeping track of
how many times we invite people to be baptized every week as a
mission. Last week we only had 2 and were able to put them both on
date but this week we were asked to increase that number so after
talking to our zone leaders we committed to try and get 21 invites or
3 invites a day. I have to say at the beginning of the week we thought
there was absolutely no way we could reach this but we set out for it
anyways. Literally every door approach this week has been about
teaching the blessings that come from baptism then inviting them to
follow Christ’s example and prepare to be baptized. I have never been
bold enough and invited someone to be baptized on a doorstep before
But I know now that this is assignment truly came from the Lord. We
have found soooo much success this week and I know it has come from us
showing our faith in stepping outside our comfort zone because the
Lord is pouring miracles in our paths every single day.
We found yet another part member family while knocking this week,
whose records aren’t in our ward list and have been able to start
teaching their 15 year old daughter M. We have another lesson
with her tonight and have praying all week that she will accept to be
baptized on the 1st of August! She is the sweetest girl ever!
Then the next night we knocked into a lady who has basically grown up
in the church but wasn’t ever baptized. The ward was so shocked when
we told them that. We knocked on her door right as she was watching
the news and when she opened she said “I really need to learn about
God, It’s now or never.” So we set up a time to come back and invited
her to be baptized and she said that it was definitely something she’d
consider after learning more. Soo excited to see where this goes!
I love my mission and I’m so thankful for such a strong baptismal
focus this week because it has caused me to reflect so much on the
blessings that come from making and keeping our covenants and even
more is the blessings that come from remembering our covenants to the
Lord daily, not just during the sacrament. I know the Lord will never
break his promises and that if we are feeling distant from him then it
is up to us to return back because he is always standing right there
waiting to receive us! I love this gospel and know it is true! Have a
great week! I LOVE YOU ALL!!