HEY!! šŸ™‚
It has been another super eventful week! Oh my gosh I did the
grossest thing ever!!! We butchered chickens with our Ward Mission
Leader for service! Don’t worry I have videos but I probably won’t
send them because I need to explain myself before you see how
embarrassing that moment was! haha! It was crazy and lets just say I
am super glad I won’t have to be doing that again for a while! šŸ™‚ We
also did service at the food bank this week and it was awesome because
I got to see a ton of my old investigators from the last year while I
was there!

We were both dead tired on Saturday night after a long day of service
so when it came time for knocking we were so not into it. We were
quickly called to repentance when we found the coolest miracle. We met
the cutest old man named J who just lost his dad a few years
ago. He left his whole life behind in Cali to move up to PA to take
care of his father and now that his dad is gone he is stuck here
feeling so lost and depressed. We knocked on his door in perfect
timing and he was happy to talk to us. Sadly we couldn’t go in with
out fellowship but we scheduled an appointment for the next day and
had the most powerful lesson ever about how God is our loving Heavenly
Father. You could physically see a glimpse of light return to
J’s eyes while we were walking out the door to leave. J
needs some friends from PA and we are super excited for him to start
getting involved with the ward. It was one of those lessons that you
just walk away from on such a spiritual high. That doesn’t happen very
often but when it does it’s amazing! The Lord is blessing us SOOO
much! Whoever gets called to Port Angeles next transfer is seriously
the luckiest person ever! So jealous!

The coolest and most rewarding thing happened this week when we got to
go meet with my eternal investigator from the PA 1st ward. Throughout
my time in PA last year we met with their family weekly and we saw a
little progress but were never able to get her to commit to baptism.
After I left last year the Sr. Missionaries took over teaching their
family. As we went back over this week I felt like I was walking into
a completely different home! Normally our lessons are complete chaos
and we couldn’t ever have a spiritual lesson because of the crazy kids
but this week when we were there all the kids were sitting on the
floor listening and we were able to have the greatest lesson ever. At
the end we all together sang “I love to see the temple” and their 5
year old said a beautiful closing prayer! The spirit was there sooooo
strongly! My mission was officially made after leaving their house! It
has been the biggest blessing being able to reconnect with so many
people that I love so much! This has been the most amazing transfer
ever and I can’t even tell you how grateful I am for such an amazing
mission! I have never felt so much love from the Lord in my life and I
know his hand is so involved in this work! I love you guys! Thank you
for all the love and support I have felt from you over the last 18
months! You will never know what a blessing that has been to me!

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This is on Eddy’s Hook!
Our cute neighbor Ray
Another night of knocking in Beautiful Joyce!