I can’t even wrap my mind around the fact that my final week is
already here! Soooo much still left to do this upcoming week which I
am so excited about! The weeks have been flying by so fast and I
seriously just lay in bed every night and think how is it possible
that another day is already over. It is so sad! I am just loving every
moment and doing all that I can to live it up to the fullest!

We had another incredible week with so many great lessons. J,
our miracle from last week, is progressing so well and is learning so
much. He came to church yesterday and loved it and is still so excited
for his baptism on 15th of August. We are also still working with
M who is part of a part member family that we knocked into a few
weeks ago. She is loving all the young women’s activities and has met
so many great friends from the ward. Her baptism could be this weekend
but still kind of up in the air on that because of a few other issues
but we have definitely been praying for things to work out that way.
We have been blessed with so many amazing investigators this transfer!

I went on my final exchange this week with my favorite person in the
entire world Sister Heaton. It was way to much fun being back
together! We just laughed for a solid day straight but were able to
get so much done too! I don’t know what it is but when Sister Heaton
and I are together the most awkward things always happen. Haha We felt
like we were in Tacoma again not PA. So we were serving at a homeless
dinner that our ward put on and this guy asked me how to say my last
name so I told him. Then he asked if it was German so I said yes and
he says, “Oh my name is Polish then he said his last name and I said,
that’s a cool name I like that,” and he answers “Oh I’m so glad to know
that you like Polish men!!”at the heck was I supposed to say to
that?!?! Haha! Then that same night while knocking doors we met this
old man who had to be over 90 and as I was introducing myself and
after I said I’m Sister Horgesheimer he says oh Hello Sister Gorgeous
Primer. I corrected him like 3 times but he wouldn’t stop saying it!
Haha It was super funny! I love Sister Heaton so much! We had the
coolest conversation that night all about looking forward to the
future and my heart was so full of the spirit and I just have so much
confidence about being ready to start this new phase of life after
that talk. ๐Ÿ™‚

I was asked to speak in church yesterday about why I decided to serve
a mission. I was so thankful for this opportunity as I was given so
much revelation as I was studying and preparing for this talk. I asked
my Heavenly Father why he specifically wanted me to be out here
serving and was able to learn that the main reason I was called to
serve a mission was to learn that this life is impossible to get
through alone. I have learned so much about my Savior and what it
means to let him lead and guide my path through this life as I’ve been
here in Washington.I have learned every secret possible to be able to
find enduring and lasting happiness no matter what life throws at me
and it all begins with letting the Savior take control. I can’t wait
to see what this final week holds as I am able to give absolutely
everything that I have left to my Savior as I wear his name on my
heart for these last few days! I am so grateful that my mission
doesn’t have to end when I get home either. The Savior’s light can be
shared to everyone no matter where you are and no matter if you are
wearing a name tag or not! I know this gospel is true and more than
anything else I can testify that this church is led by our Savior who
lives today! I LOVE YOU!!! Have a beautiful week! ๐Ÿ™‚
Love Always,
Sister Horgesheimer

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