“This Is Real, I Know This Is Real”

It has been another great, crazy busy week. The weeks are flying by so
fast. We had people from the MTC come up and give us lots of training
and so that took our entire Thursday but it was such a blessing to be
there and be able to learn so much. Then on Friday we went and had
another MLC/training at Zion’s Camp. We are taking the whole mission
there this week so all the Zone Leaders and STL’s go to go run through
all the training first and it was so much fun!

The rest of the week was full of another great week of teaching and
knocking doors. So super long story short, our miracle from last week
Bryan, ya passed him over to the YSA missionaries. It was definitely
for the better. Haha I’ll explain later. ๐Ÿ™‚ We met a less active
member knocking a few weeks ago and invited her to church. She
actually came to church yesterday and brought her 2 boys who haven’t
been baptized and after the meeting she came up and asked us how soon
she could get her two boys baptized? So cool how this miracle just
fell right into our laps. We taught them the 1st lesson this week and
are hoping to get them baptized the end of June.

Everything we do as missionaries has to be 100% led by the spirit orย nothing will happen. We were able to be apart of the coolest
lesson yesterday after church that I haven’t been able to stop
thinking about ever since. We found another guy named Jeremy this week
and yesterday were able to teach him and his girlfriend Kenyatta the
Restoration. As we were quoting the first vision in Joseph Smith’s
words you could physically see how strongly the spirit was working on
him. Right after we finished saying those words he just sat there in
silence and finally said, “WOW I haven’t ever felt a feeling so sure
in my life. This is real, I know this is real.” He started to get
emotional as he explained how he was able to see the hand of the Lord
in his life while he was fighting in Iraq and how the spirit confirmed
those feelings and how when we said those words he felt the exact same
thing. I have never seen someone so physically touched by the spirit
in my entire mission. The spirit is so real and when hearts are opened
I know it works! It was amazing to see and I wish you could have all
been there because writing it doesn’t do this miracle any justice.
Haha. I love you all so very much! Seriously watch for me on TV this
week! Haha University Place is already going nuts with the US Open and
it doesn’t even start until Thursday! Haha ๐Ÿ™‚ So fun being here right
next to the golf course during this time! Have a great week! ๐Ÿ™‚
Love Sister Horgesheimer

IMG_3165 IMG_3166 IMG_3162

Pictures from the mission blog– These were from Mothers Day surprising Sister Blatter


They Don’t Know How Much We Know Until They Know How Much You Care

This week has literally been a complete 180 degree turn around in the
Soundview ward. IT WAS AMAZING!!! We probably taught about 8 solid
lessons and have 6 of those 8 scheduled for return appointments and
not only that we have a new solid investigator on date for baptism on
the 21st of June! SO MANY MIRACLES. My brain is not big enough to keep
them all straight.

So this week started off good except us and the elders in our ward
keep deciding to knock the same streets within a day of each other
without coordinating… We pick a street start knocking and seriously
4 nights this week they say “oh your guys were here yesterday or 2
days ago.” Ha so we have to re pick a street. By the 4th time we were
getting a little mad so we decided to leave and we left right in time.
On the new street we picked we had just gotten out of our car and a
guy yells out his car window, “God bless Sisters!” So we stopped to
talk to him and he said his girlfriend has just gotten baptized and he
was interested to look into the church. He heard a little from when
the Elders taught his girlfriend so that was good. So right after
knocking we went over to his house and he told us his ENTIRE life
story. He has so much in his past that he is ready to move on from and
so we talked about the atonement and about how amazing it is that we
are able to make covenants with Heavenly Father that allow us to be
spiritual reborn and to move on and not look back. It was such a
powerful lesson. The spirit was so strong and really helped Bryan feel
the reality of the power of the atonement. He accepted to be baptized
on June 21st if he felt he had gained an assurance from God that this
decision is right. He came to church yesterday and loved it and I
really do have faith that he will be able to make it on the 21st. We
have been focusing a lot on daily positive contact and just helping
him make small steps every day to learn to recognize the spirit and
prepare for receive more light from God. He is awesome!

I read Elder Renlund’s talk from this past conference this week and
I’m so grateful I did because it has come in handy in so many teaching
situations this week. “God cares a lot more about who we are and who
we are becoming then about who we once were. He cares that we keep on
trying.” This is my favorite quote from this talk and from all the
opportunities that I’ve had to bear my testimony of my Savior this
week I have felt stronger than anything that the atonement is truly
there to help us look forward and not dwell on the past or the person
we used to be. This life is about moving forward and using Christ to
help us change to be stronger each day. I have really been able to see
people with a new perspective this week and have felt God’s love for
his children so strongly. I love this gospel and I’m so thankful for
the way my testimony has grown from all the opportunities I’ve had to
bear it.

I wish I had more time to share all the many other miracles of this
week but let me just say service has been the key to everything. We
have done like 6 or 7 hours of service this week and have found
amazing teaching opportunities from it. “they don’t care how much we
know until they know how much you care.” I know this quote is true.
Hope you guys all have a great first week of Summer! I LOVE YOU!!!
Love, Sister Horgesheimer

IMG_4046 IMG_4044 IMG_4051

1. Exchanges with Sister Jones
2. This is one of my new best friends who is leaving to the MTC then
to Australia. She is going to be such an amazing missionary.
3. Officially knocked the sketchiest apartment complex in our area and
it was hilarious! Can’t wait to tell you all these stories in a few
weeks from this place. Haha! ๐Ÿ™‚

I Love All The Amazing Friends You Gain From A Mission

I love you guys! Sorry I keep emailing so late, we just went to a
Tacoma Rainier’s Baseball game with the zone and the Blatter’s. SOOO
much fun! We had another fun week. Not a ton of progression with our
investigators but some way fun stories. I love being in Tacoma.

We had lots of exchanges this week and I got to go back to Belfair
with the greatest sister ever Sister Kramer. We had a way fun time and
pretty much knocked and talked all day. We were going to turn around
and got our car stuck in a hidden ditch and almost had to get towed
out… Haha! Luckily 2 way strong guys came walking by so they helped
lift our car out. It was pretty funny. Our next exchange was with the
Lincoln Sisters and I got to spend another day with my MTC comp Sister
Smith. We always have a good time together. I love all the amazing
friends you gain from a mission.

I think the coolest miracle of the week was meeting a sweet lady named
Mary. She was in the parking lot while we were out street contacting
and we stopped to talk to her. She said she wan’t interested but that
her sister would like to have us stop by. So we went over that night
and her sister wasn’t home but Mary answered the door. We ended up
having a really good conversation with Mary and learned a lot about
her life. She has been in a wheel chair for the past 10 years and is
going through even more medical challenges recently. We shared 3 Nephi
17 with her and by the end she was in tears and was so happy to invite
us back so she could learn more. She has met with missionaries before
so we are praying this is her time. Sadly she is moving out of our
area on Wednesday so we have to pass her over to the Elders but it was
still a very cool experience. There have just been countless
experiences in the last few weeks where we have been able to bear our
testimonies and be there to lift people up in such hard times. We
haven’t seen a lot of people progress towards baptism in the last few
weeks but I know we have been exactly where Heavenly Father needed us
to be and because of that I know we have been successful. (We
definitely are going to baptize this transfer though… Not ever
losing the faith!) ๐Ÿ™‚
LOVE YOU GUYS!! Have a great last week in school! PS the US Open is
coming to University Place this month and it is going to be way fun!
Watch for us on TV cause the cameras are every where! It’s gonna be
HUGE!!! Love you guys!!!
Sister Horgesheimer ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_4018 IMG_4020 IMG_4022 IMG_3993

1. Knocking or hiking? Same thing! ๐Ÿ™‚ Haha this is Belfair and I love it!
2. Haha… Car Stuck
3.Sister Kramer
4.Sister Humphrys and Smith

Such A Blessing To Witness These Incredible Missionary Miracles

I love my mission so very much! We had the coolest miracle last night
that was well needed after another pretty slow week of finding! So we
were on our way to an appointment that ended up falling through and as
we were walking back to our car we saw a lady who was struggling to
get her groceries up the stairs so we ran over told her we were
missionaries and asked if we could help. She then said, “oh are you
the girls who I slammed the door on 2 weeks ago…?” Haha So I said
Yep… But don’t worry it happens every day so don’t worry about it.
She felt way bad for how she acted but we quickly moved past that and
helped her carry all her groceries up and put them away. This poor
lady could barely make it up the stairs. We were all in her kitchen
and she began to tell us her story. She has been battling cancer for
the last 4 months and the Chemo has made her so weak. She said she had
just gotten the news last week that she probably wouldn’t be around to
much longer and she said she hasn’t been able to get it off her mind
ever since and she is so scared of the unknown of what will happen to
her when she dies. She was in tears which caused Sister Lomu and I to
both start crying as well. I was honestly just crying because of how
humbled I was that Heavenly Father placed this PERFECT opportunity
right in our path to teach the plan of Salvation to someone with such
an open heart. It was AMAZING!! We didn’t have a ton of time and so we
set up an appointment to go back next week and go through the entire
lesson. I know it is no coincidence that we ran into her and I know
she knows that too! Such a blessing it is to witness these incredible
miracles as a missionary and see so many hearts changed or softened
through the spirit.

We had such a fun Memorial Day yesterday with the Tacoma and Lakewood
zones. We had a BBQ and then had the basketball and volley ball
tournaments going on. So all the Sisters were playing volley ball
expect my companion. She was just schooling all the Elders in
Basketball and it was hilarious. I love Sister Lomu! ๐Ÿ™‚

We also had interviews this week with President Blatter and we had a
great talk about ways that I can sprint to the finish of my mission.
He had such good advice which I was so grateful for. He told me to
make a list of all the things I want to accomplish before I get home
but he told me I’m only allowed to include things on that list that I
can control. I realized that I’ve been stressing myself out these
last few months with so much that is out of my control and it is doing
nothing for me excepet slowing me down. I’ve been studying Ether this
week and I love the last words that Ether writes where he says, “It
mattereth not.” From that I have learned that I need to just let go
and trust that everything is in the Lords hands and it honestly
doesn’t matter what happens as long as I keep my trust and focus on
Jesus Christ and just remember that everything is all in his hands. We
never have a need to worry because we have someone a lot higher then
us who is in control. I love you all! Have another great week!
Love, Sister Horgesheimer

IMG_3986 IMG_3995 IMG_3999

Massive Izzy the Dog ๐Ÿ™‚ Ha
Sister Lomu and I
The most beautiful sunset ever!!!

Part of Kelli’s Letter Home

THANK YOU SO MUCH for for the two packages this week. Wow it was so
crazy to see Gehring back in the Wa-Tac again. Those cinnamon rolls
were soo good! Lomu is also loving them also Haha. This week has been
so tiring emotionally physically spiritually… Ugh it’s been a little
stressful just because I want to end my mission as strong as possible
and not a lot is going on no matter how hard we work. It is just
killing me because the Elders in our ward are finding sooo much
success and I just don’t get it. They’ve only been here 2 weeks! Ugh.
We had park day and the entire ward was traveling so we couldn’t get
rides from anyone so we walked every where and my feet still haven’t
recovered. I am such a spoiled missionary it is ridiculous. Let’s just
say those treats came at the perfect time. Heavenly Father has placed
so many cool little miracles along my path this week and I thought you
guys might like this one. We were walking back to our car after a long
day of knocking and we saw this guy walking down the street so we
crossed and ended up having a good 45 minute convo with him about
life. He is in such a low place right now. After talking we all said a
prayer together and as I bowed my head I saw the name Rich engraved on
the sidewalk right under me. I took that as another cool little
reminder that I am not out here alone and that there are many more
people around us lifting us up at all times then we will ever be able
to comprehend. It reminded me of the scripture in D&C 84 88. It was a
cool moment.
So glad you guys had a fun weekend and so one died of hypothermia from
the freezing lake. Can’t believe school is almost out! Super excited
for everyone! I love you Mom and yes prayers will be coming your way
on Sat. Haha the members we lived with have been having some crazy HS
parties and it has reminded me a lot of home! I love it! LOVE YOU!!!


This picture was sent to us from Sister Hailey Gehring, Kelli’s old mission companion. ย She went back to Washington and visited Kelli and took her a package from home. ย Wanted to include Kelli’s letter home just as a reminder how hard missionary work can be at times ๐Ÿ™‚ Rich is a family name. ย She was referring to her Great Grandpa and Grandma Rich in this letter.

Our Purpose Is To Administer Christ’s Love To Everyone

Hey!! ๐Ÿ™‚
It has been another good week here in Washington. Sadly it’s been
super rainy again but oh well… Transfers were so sad this week
leaving Sister Heaton but I am LOVING Sister Lomu. She is an amazing
missionary and we have been working hard. She is from Utah but her
family is from Tonga so she grew up speaking Tongan. She has served in
Tacoma for almost her entire mission so she has been so happy to be
back in the city. I love her so much already and am excited for the
next 6 weeks.

Not a whole lot happened this week. Just a lot of finding again and a
lot of people who no showed for their appointments. We did have a cool
experience while knocking doors this week though. It was a super wet
night and we had just gotten kicked out of the apartment complex we
were knocking so we were kind of in a bad mood from that and went to
go finish knocking somewhere else. We were walking down the street and
we felt that we should cross the street to finish the other side and
we met a lady who answered the door in tears. She was a single mom who
was struggling financially and was just super overwhelmed and stressed
about her teenage daughter. So after talking to her and sharing a
comforting scripture about our Savior’s ability to lift our burdens
her whole attitude changed and she was visually feeling much better
about things. Sadly she canceled our return appointment this weekend
but I have been thinking a whole lot about my true purpose as a
missionary. This week I spent one of my lunch hours looking through
all my old planners and reading through names of people who we found
who never progressed. At first I sat there thinking about how much
time I’ve wasted checking up and contacting the same people over and
over who never answered or weren’t interested. then I thought about
it a little harder and realized that truly no effort is ever wasted.
Our purpose is to administer Christ’s love to everyone that we meet
and to hopefully leave them happier than they were when we first found
them. I know that my heart has been changed from talking with so many
different people and learning and hearing about their lives and I hope
their heart has been touched from the words that we have shared with
them also. This work is so much more than we can comprehend. This work
is eternal and it is truly is so much more then just knocking on
doors. This work is about helping people prepare to live with God again and
experience never ending joy with him. I love the people I’ve been able
to cross paths with in Washington and am eternally thankful for the
person each one of them has helped me become. Have a great week
everyone! I LOVE YOU!!!

Love Sister Horgesheimer

DSC_0675 DSC_0680 DSC_0637 DSC_0643 DSC_0636

The pictures are all from transfer meeting. ย Kelli was so sad to leave Sister Heaton (thus the looks in the picture) but gained Sister Lomu who she loves. Sister Lomu and Kelli have been hitting the basketball hoops every night after planning meeting.

Baptism Focused!!

Hey!! ๐Ÿ™‚
I love Mother’s day so much and feel so blessed to be apart of the
most amazing family in the world! I love you all and hope you had a
great rest of the day! Sooo much fun talking to you guys! I LOVE YOU

Sister Heaton and I had a super fun last week together. We got the
news late Saturday night that she was leaving and we are so sad about
it. I will never be able to thank Sister Heaton enough for all the
good times we’ve had together and for the many lessons and insights
I’ve learned from being together the past 12 weeks. So I am the only
one of 4 missionaries staying in the Soundview ward so it’s gonna be a
fun week filling 3 new missionaries in on the work that’s been
happening here and helping them learn the area. My new companion is
Sister Lomu and I’m way excited to get to know her.

We went split knocking so much this week and it was such a fun time.
There are two cute girls who just opened mission calls to Tonga and
Australia ย ย ย and so we have split up and gone knocking together all
week. They are going to be amazing missionaries.

Yesterday morning we woke up at 5 45 to go decorate the mission home
for Sister Blatter for mother’s day with some other sisters and that
was great. We doorbell ditched them at 6 30 until they answered and
Sister Blatter was so happy when she walked downstairs. We sidewalk
chalked the entire road and left flowers, chocolate, ice cream and
some other cute stuff. I think President was pleased. Haha. Then last
night we had a little ward music fireside and it was one of the most
powerful firesides I’ve ever been too. Sister Heaton sang and the
elders in our ward all played the piano and the cello. It was AMAZING!
I have never heard anything so beautiful in my life!

We had the best mission leadership council on Thursday all about
becoming more baptismal focused. I have been so motivated to baptize
and it has been great having this on my mind non stop since. (We have
been able to put 2 people on date on the doorstep this week because of
this training. So crazy. Never thought that was even possible a few
months ago!) We are excited to give trainings this week and help the
whole mission become more baptismal focused. I’ve also been studying
so much about Charity this week and have decided that it is going to
be my new transfer goal and something that I can focus on to tie my
whole mission together. Reading through the definition of Charity is
so overwhelming just because of how much is involved in this little
word.(Moroni 7 45-47) I think the thing I’ve learned most from Sister
Heaton is that the Lord requires a lot from us but HE NEVER ASKED US
TO DO IT ALONE. I have learned that Charity truly is a gift from God
that can be received though prayer, grace, and closely following our
Savior’s example.

Have a great week! I LOVE YOU ALL SOOO MUCH!
Love Sister Horgesheimer

IMG_3933 IMG_3916 IMG_3921 IMG_3954

Chalking the Mission Home
We ran the Tacoma Narrows Bridge this morning! SO much fun!

I will miss Sister Heaton!!!

The Harvest Is Plenteous But The Laborers Are Few

Hey!! ๐Ÿ™‚
This has probably been the fastest week of my mission (probably
because it has been the greatest week ever.) I feel like I was
emailing like 2 days ago Ha. I hate how much time has been speeding up

So I have a funny story from exchanges on Tuesday. I got to leave my
area again this week and spend a day with Sister Baldwin and we had
the greatest time together. We were knocking doors and this guy
answers his door wearing BYU sweatpants so I asked him about it and he
was like What is BYU? Haha. So we explained what BYU was and he said,
“well it’s probably no coincidence that you knocked on my door while I
was wearing these random sweats so I should probably let you come back
so I can learn what this is all about.” Haha so we got a return
appointment and I’m way excited to hear how it goes for those sisters.
It was pretty funny!

Thursday was the best day ever because we got to go to the temple with
Jeremy, Stephanie (another recent convert that the elders just
baptized), and the Soundview Elders came with us too! Oh my gosh
Jeremy and Stephanie loved every second of it! I have never seen them
so happy before. It was such a special experience because a few people
from our ward came and staffed the baptistery so we got to have the
entire place to ourselves. SOO different than going to the temple in
Utah. We each got to do 15 names and afterwards we had time to just
sit and feel the spirit and have a mini testimony like meeting! This
is an experience I will never forget. The spirit is so powerful in the
temple! The countdown is on for when we all get to go through the
temple together in a year! We are all looking forward to it!

This week I’ve been pondering a lot on the scripture in Mathew 9 37
that says, “the harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few.” I’ve
been trying to gain more faith in this promise that is given in the
scriptures and have been looking for the faith that there are many
prepared people out there waiting for us to find them. While sitting
in the temple I also felt that this scripture applies just as well to
temple work because there is soooo much work that is waiting to be
done. I can’t wait to be able to get to the temple again much more
often when I get home and continue in helping this great work move
forward in that way. I know this work is true!
I LOVE YOU ALL! Can’t wait to see you next Sunday! ๐Ÿ™‚ XOXOXO
Love, Sister Horgesheimer

IMG_3881ย IMG_3896 IMG_3891

I Know The Lord Sent You to Me

Hey Everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚
Much much better week! We have been so blessed this week and have seen
the Lord’s hand involved in our work every single day. I have learned
to never take a miracle for granted the last few weeks. No miracle is
ever a small miracle in our lives, and after such a slow start to the
transfer things are finally picking up again.

So we decided to re-knock Jeremy’s apartment complex this week and we
knocked on his next door neighbor’s door and at first she opened the
door saying she wasn’t interested but we got talking more and more and
left her with a Restoration pamphlet and were able to set up a return
appointment. We called to confirm the appointment and she had an
emergency come up and had to cancel but she said she read over the
pamphlet and loved it and has a whole list of questions written down
and that she can’t wait to come to our church next Sunday. Then later
that night she texted us and said, “there have been so many church
groups that have stopped at my door the last few months but there is
something different about you two girls. I know the Lord sent you to
me.” This text made our week! ๐Ÿ™‚ We are so excited to meet with her.
Jeremy’s entire complex is gonna be baptized in no time! ๐Ÿ™‚

Then another night we decided to re knock a street in University
Place. This is usually a horrible idea because the people there
usually aren’t very humble but we just decided to do it. So we start
knocking and Sister Heaton out of no where said we are crossing the
street, we need to go knock the other side. We skipped like 15 houses
but the one we finally decided to knock on was a Lutheran lady who
said she is so tired of going to church to just sit on the bench and
listen. She said she has always felt that there is more to church and
that she is looking for more of a connection with God. We had a good
30 minute conversation about the Restoration and how you can find
answers to prayers and by the end she promised us she’d give us a call
in a few weeks.. I left that situation feeling so blessed that Sister
Heaton was so in tune with the spirit. This is something I’ve been
focusing on all week. Just letting the spirit guide every decision
even if it is super inconvenient at the time.

We found a great guy named J this week who is super elect. We
went over with our bishop’s wife on Saturday and taught the
Restoration to him. We were talking about how it is the prophet’s job
to teach Jesus Christ’s gospel to the world and how the gospel
consists of Faith, Repentance, Baptism… right after we said the word
Baptism he stopped us right in the middle of our sentence and said
“WHAT I WANT TO BE BAPTIZED!!” Haha so it was game over on finishing
the restoration after that. We talked about baptism and what he has to
do to prepare and put him on date for May 10th. We have another lesson
tonight and are hoping to finish the Resto and help him be truly
converted to the restored gospel not just to the idea of being
baptized. Haha! He is great!

Keep Sister Heaton’s brother Spencer in your prayers this week. He is
in the ICU right now with some heart problems and could use all the
prayers he can get! She is literally the strongest person I know and
is doing so well as she has been dealing with so much right now. I
love you guys! Have a happy week!! ๐Ÿ™‚
Love Sister Horgesheimer

IMG_3860 IMG_3864 IMG_3863

We hunted down the ice cream truck on Monday while knocking! Haha
Trees in Washington

She Literally Was Explaining The Tree Of Life Word For Word

Hey!! ๐Ÿ™‚
Hope you guys have had a great week! I love you all so much! Well
another great week in Soundview! I’m gonna be honest not one teaching
appointment went through with an investigator this week which has been
super hard for me to stay positive but I have been learning so much
that it has made all the disappointment worth it. Some way cool
miracles happened this week though that I am so thankful for.

So we were knocking on Thursday and met the coolest lady ever!!! We
got talking and she was explaining a dream she had a few years ago.
She literally was explaining the tree of life word for word just as
Lehi describes it. She said she had talked to missionaries about this
dream that she had a few years ago right when it happened but she just
hasn’t been able to get it off her mind the past few months. Wow my
jaw was on the floor as she was explaining this whole experience. The
spirit is preparing people in the coolest ways.

I got to go on exchanges with my MTC companion Sister Smith this week
and it was one of the funnest exchanges I’ve had so far. We have both
grown and improved so much since the MTC and it was such a blessing to
really see it within ourselves first hand. We taught the Restoration
all the way through like 3 times together and every time we finished
we got in the car and just thought if only we could have done that in
the MTC. Our MTC teachers would have been so proud.

Some more exciting news. Jeremy got called to be the assistant Ward
mission leader in our ward and i have never been so proud in my entire
life! Jeremy couldn’t even contain his excitement over the phone as he
was telling us all about his interview with the bishop this week. I’m
soooo beyond happy for him. We went and did family history together
this week and we found 5 names for him to take to the temple on May
1st. The best news is that President gave us permission to go with him
to take these names through so that is going to be the best day ever.

We had so many solid people who we found this week who dropped us or
didn’t show up for the next lesson… One of those people was a non
member husband of a family whose kids just got baptized and we were
soooo excited to begin teachinng him. I have been praying and planning
for his lesson all week that was supposed to happen last night. They
texted us like 20 minutes before and said they weren’t going to be
home and that they weren’t sure when they’d be home in the next few
weeks either…. So we got the hint there…. But anyways, we had been
planning a lesson all around “God is our Loving Heavenly Father” I
had read so many good talks on how we aren’t sent here to walk alone,
about prayer and finding the true relationship we have as children of
God with our Father. The whole week I felt that I was being led to
specific talks and scriptures that were perfect for this lesson for
him. Last night Sister Heaton and I were talking and venting all of
our frustration from the week and I got the thought that I need to
remember to LIVE what I teach. Everything on our lesson plan for this
non member husband was exactly what I needed to remind myself of in
this time of discouragement. “I am not sent here to walk alone”
Prayer, believing that I am a daughter of a loving heavenly Father…
etc. This lesson plan was exactly what heavenly father was preparing
for ME. I know he lives and his love is around us always. I have felt
his love this week more than ever and I am so thankful for all of the
tender mercies that have been apart of my life the last few weeks.
Thank you so much for all the love and the prayers! I have truly felt
them over the last 15 months and can’t even begin to thank you enough
for the strength that I’ve received from you! Have another great week!
Love, Sister Horgesheimer

adams center IMG_3848

The Women Shelter where we work every week

Smith and I– ย My MTC Companion